Walk Your Talk

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Walk your talk simply means that you must not only lecturing your child everytime you discipline him/her. You must do some actions to what you’ve said.

For example, if your child has done something that isn’t very acceptable then talk to your child about it with just both of you for him/her to easily communicate what he/she feels after that. Your support and action for his/her misbehavior will greatly help him/her in replacing that behavior.

When you walk your talk, then there will be a high possibilty that your child will then know what is wrong and what is right.


If its Important to You, It’s Important to Your Kid

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Loving may be defined as “If its important to you, it’s important to me”. This is somehow a common situation, and this must be done to your child before your going to do some disciplinary actions.
Usually when a kid get’s at home from school and he/she is murmuring something that happened that made him/her uncomfortable, you only thought of it that it’s just a simple murmur and there’s nothing to worry about. This is wrong, practice yourself to listen to your child, even when you are very tired. This helps build the discipline foundation, for you to easily explain why you have to punish them when they’re showing an unacceptable behavior.
So show your kid now that if its important to you, it’s important to your kid.

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Think Before You Speak

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To think before you speak about some house rules or promises that you will keep at home. Because this will help discipline your child when he/she has done something unacceptable.
Like when you have said something in front of your child, and you didn’t attain it all, it will cause some arguement between you two and your child will learn how to be angry. So, it is essential to think if you can attain what you have promised to your child. In the other hand, it is important to think what rule will you set at your home before telling your child about it. This will keep them from being angry
Now, think before you speak to replace the anger that is inside of your child.
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Focus on Positive behaviors

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It is irrelevant to always focus on the negative side of your kids. You must somehow focus on positive behaviors that your kid has so he/she will know that this is what his/her parents like.

For example, if you keep on thinking that your son is lazy then you’ll always do some unnecessary disciplines to him. Rather than, doing some discipline to his laziness at first and supporting what is good for your child in replacing that laziness, which is more effective. Like when your child is starting to fix up his own room, then appreciate it, then it will slowly develop. That’s one effective factor in disciplining your child.

Focusing on positive behaviors is helpful to develop the values that your child has.

Maintaining Your Distance

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While giving discipline to your kid, it is very essential that you keep in mind that “this is for my kid”, and not for yourself. This greatly helps so that you can keep your focus on improving the discipline of your kid.

For example, when your kid is ignored you, when you asked him/her to clean their room, do not get angry to them just because they ignored you. You can go to your kid, talk to him/her, after that you can help your kid in cleaning for him/her to know that what he/she has done is bad.

So then,just keep in mind to maintain your distance to avoid opposition from your kid. And Especially, show him/her that you care for him/her.

Being a Good Role Model

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Being a good role model to your child is important for him/her to know what behavior is acceptable and what is not.

For example, showing politeness to your child by always saying “Please” whenever asking something. Or you can even put some house rules where you and your child must follow. This helps greatly in raising your child with well-disciplined characteristics.

Now that we know that being a good role model is important, let us apply this for us to stop unnecessary discipline actions.

For more information, please click this link.

Being Consistent

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This factor of being consistent is helpful whenever your giving discipline to your child.

For example, whenever your child does something that is not acceptable (e.g. playing video games instead of doing his/her homework), then you may say that “You cannot play video games for two weeks”. Then don’t shorten the time just because your child is begging you.

This gives your child the idea that your serious about what he/she has  done wrong and then, you may support him/her in changing that unacceptable behavior.

For more information in giving discipline, you may visit this site.


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Parents usually yell at their kids when they’ve done something the parent don’t like or in short something hurtful. This kind of tool in disciplining kids is not really effective.

Yelling at kids can only vanish the bad behavior for a while but surely it’ll happen again. Eventually, if keep on yelling at your child, he/she would then learn that this is a normal habit of you and yelling is acceptable in the society.

As parent, let us avoid yelling for it can badly affect your kids greatly, in terms of discipline and respect. And choose other effective tools in giving discipline to your child.

Read more about how ineffective yelling is by clicking here.

Spanking can make the child Aggressive

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Most parents nowadays use spanking as a means of punishment. Well, study has shown that this is very ineffective and may stop the bad behavior of your child in just a short period of time. Also, there is a high possibility that this will make your child aggressive or violent, as he/she gets older.

We all know that whatever the kids sees from their parents, they’ll follow it. So, if your child gets older, he/she might get into drugs, or solve problems through brute force. And you, as a parent, don’t want that to happen.

Therefore, it is essential to use different ways in giving discipline to your child, and make sure that it is effective.

For more information about the bad effects of spanking, read here.


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One of the effective ways in disciplining your child is to give him/her time-outs(or in other words some thinking time). It is for him/her to think back if what he/she has done is correct or wrong, for him/her to slowly replace the bad behavior.

This works by bringing your child to an uninteresting place where he/she can learn to forget and realize that what he/she has shown is not good or acceptable to his/her parents. But don’t leave your child too long, just give him/her around 10-15 minutes then go back and talk to your child, this help him/her to accept more why you, as a parent, needs to discipline him/her.

To know more about disciplining your child  click here

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